C H E C K  O U T  O U R

Nonprofit Marketing Summit August 2021 Speakers

Featuring speakers from game-changing organizations like GivingTuesday, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Kiss the Ground, Facebook, World's Children, HubSpot, and many more!

Julia Campbell

J Campbell Social Marketing

Woodrow Rosenbaum


Beth Kanter

Author, Trainer, & Virtual Facilitator

Ryland Engelhart

Kiss The Ground

Martha Peña


Kayla Santalla

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Tammy Charles

Inovo Strategic Consulting

Ettore Rossetti

Save the Children

Angela Pitter

LiveWire Collaborative

James Martin

Rally Corp

Julia Ford


Karen Hopper


Cindi Phallen

Create Possibility

Soraya Alexander


Salvatore Salpietro

Fundraise Up

Noah Barnett

Virtuous CRM

Samantha Sussman

Double Hi

Pat Duffy

The Giving Block

Tim Sarrantonio

Neon One

Jena Lynch


Genevieve Riutort

Westside Food Bank

Jean Purviance

World's Children

Edwin Goutier

United Way

Beth Wolf

American Cancer Society

Killian Raynor


Scott Perrin

First Responders Children's Foundation

Mark Codgen

To Write Love on Her Arms

Michelle Hurtado


Jonathan Greenberg


Angelica Guardia


Rod Arnold


Jessica Williams

Days for Girls

Jena Andres


Daniel Amrhein

Center for Puppetry Arts

Megan Ruan

Gold House

Anna Lu

Gold House

Candace Cody


Cameron Ripley

Community Boost

Shukri Mohamed

Community Boost

Brandon McRae

Community Boost

Jacob Rouse

Community Boost

Chloe O'Rourke

Community Boost

Matt Briggs

Community Boost

Katie Groke

Community Boost

Michael Levack

Community Boost

Eric Linssen

Community Boost

Jalina Morgan

Community Boost

Janaye Perry

Community Boost

Megan Elliott

Community Boost

Blake Arata

Community Boost

Michael Goodrum

Community Boost

Geraldine Zamora

Community Boost

Emily Fisher

Community Boost

Ernie Civic

Community Boost

Isabelle Ashraf

Community Boost

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