NMS 2021 Pitch Competition

Think your nonprofit has what it takes to change the world? Pitch your game-changing idea and take part in Community Boost's inaugural Pitch Competition to win $100,000+ in prizes and services to BOOST your organization's social impact.

Have an Idea that Will Change the Future of the Social Sector? 

Apply to the NMS 2021 Pitch Competition to win credibility and resources that will help you truly take your venture to the next level. As a keynote to this year's Nonprofit Marketing Summit, you will be able to pitch your idea to a panel of some of the most influential and accomplished leaders in the social space. Do you have what it takes to convince us that you're the next big nonprofit? Applications are due at 11:59pm PST on Friday, June 25th.

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Why You Should Take Part in Our Pitch Competition

Win $100,000+ in Prizes

The winner will take home over $100,000 in prizes that include marketing services, unrestricted ad spend, and much more to help you scale your nonprofit and take it to the next level!

Increase Brand Awareness

This competition provides a platform to get your nonprofit in front of an audience with the opportunity for you to boost your public image and get the word out about your organization's mission.

Grow Your Network

We are bringing together thousands of nonprofit leaders trying to change the world. You'll have the opportunity to hear about what other exciting nonprofits are doing and learn from their experiences and ideas.

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Social Impact Pitch Competition

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